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Spotlight on Instructional Technology: How Can Online Collaboration Tools Enhance Teaching?

November 27, 2012
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Online collaboration tools, such as Google Apps, are revolutionizing workplace productivity and teamwork. These technologies also provide tremendous opportunities to enhance teaching, learning, and course management. Because keeping up with the evolution of new instructional technologies can be challenging, CRLT has posted some new resources focused on U-M teachers who are successfully integrating these tools into their courses: 

  • CRLT's webpage on online collaboration tools features short videos, descriptions, and examples of U-M instructors teaching effectively with these technologies.
  • Similarly, CRLT's Occasional Paper No. 31 (pdf), describes how various online collaboration tools can address common teaching challenges across course types and disciplines. Additionally, it provides recommendations on how to implement these instructional technologies easily, effectively, and efficiently.

And here are several other resources we provide to support your effective use of instructional technologies: 

  • CRLT's full list of Occasional Papers, many of which include research on instructional technology, can be found here. 
  • Many practical resources on instructional technology can be found by following the "Teaching & Technology" link at the bottom of any page of the CRLT website or clicking here.
  • CRLT also provides consultations and frequently offers seminars on teaching with technology.