Large Course Initiative

LSA/CRLT Large Course Initiative

Members of the LSA faculty are invited to apply to participate in the W2020 LSA/CRLT Large Course Initiative (LCI). The LCI is a faculty learning community, open both to those new to large course teaching and those who have been teaching large courses for years. Together, selected faculty will focus on some of the key pedagogical challenges and opportunities present in large courses (defined as those with 75 or more students). The program also includes an opportunity to apply for grant funding for future pedagogical innovations.  This program is an important part of LSA’s DEI Strategic plan, especially efforts to support faculty in coming together to consider how to create inclusive learning environments across the college.

Participants in the LSA/CRLT Large Course Initiative will meet together four times during the term. These meetings, coordinated and facilitated by CRLT, will include opportunities to share practice, discuss key lessons from research on teaching and learning, and explore instructional technologies of interest. At the conclusion of the program, faculty will be eligible to apply for a $2,000 grant to support pedagogical innovations in their large courses.


The poster below highlights key elements of LSA/CRLT's Large Course Initiative. Click the poster to download a PDF.

poster highlights key elements of LSA/CRLT's Large Course Initiative.