Teaching with Technology

CRLT Occasional Papers on Tech Topics

  • by Erping Zhu, Matthew Kaplan, R. Charles Dershimer, and Inger Bergom, 2011 
    This paper reports the results of a research study at the University of Michigan investigating the effect of laptop use on students' perceived attentiveness, learning and engagement. Based on this research, the authors suggest strategies for most effectively using laptops in the classroom.

  • by Erping Zhu and Inger Bergom, 2010
    This paper gives an overview of how and why faculty are choosing to capture their lectures and posting them online, also called lecture capture, or screencasting. Challenges and recommendations for implementation as well as impact on student engagment and behavior are discussed. 

  • by Erping Zhu, 2007
    This paper discusses how faculty are using clickers, how faculty and students feel about their use in the classroom, as well as challenges to and best practices for their effective use in the classroom.