GTC+Digital Media

The GTC+Digital Media Teacher Certificate Program

Co-Sponsored by CRLT, the Institute for the Humanities, and Rackham Graduate School

Digital Media Certificate Program

This GTC+Digital Media Teacher Certificate Program is designed to structure and document additional professional development for U-M graduate students who are already pursuing or have completed the Rackham-CRLT Graduate Teacher Certificate (GTC). To learn more about the GTC+Digital Media program (or "the GTC+"), read on. Students who are already enrolled in the GTC+ program will find helpful navigational links at the bottom of this page and along the left menu.

Introduction to the GTC+: Some FAQs 

Why should I pursue the GTC+? The GTC+ program adds to the Graduate Teacher Certificate a particular focus on integrating digital media into college instruction, providing structured opportunities to engage with current scholarly conversations about the ways digital environments shape our thinking and practice as teachers and learners. Like the standard Graduate Teacher Certificate, this program is designed in part to help prepare students for a competitive academic job market. Students who complete the GTC+ will be well equipped to enter and lead conversations not only about effective teaching practices but also about the complex interactions between those practices and new media.

So is this basically a Teaching with Technology certificate? No. The GTC+ can certainly facilitate more strategic use of technology in the classroom, but its primary focus is not on using tools to make teaching more efficient and effective (a key aim of the B2 requirement of the Graduate Teacher Certificate). Rather, this program invites participants to think critically about technology tools and digital environments themselves. How do digital media shape, facilitate, or limit the ways teachers and students access information, represent data, develop and communicate ideas, collaborate on intellectual projects, define ‘scholarship’? These are the kinds of questions this certificate program prompts participants to explore.

What does the GTC+ program involve? The program consists of 5 requirements that build upon the components of the Rackham-CRLT Graduate Teacher Certificate. Each requirement area also aims to foster intellectual community and collaboration around questions related to pedagogy and digital media. Full details about the GTC+ requirements.

Is the GTC+ only open to students in humanities departments? The GTC+ program has been designed in coordination with the Institute for the Humanities, with the particular needs of humanities graduate students in mind, and with particular attention to current critical conversations about humanities pedagogy/scholarship and digital environments. But enrollment is not limited to students in departments or programs technically designated as Humanities by the University. Many graduate students in other fields understand themselves to be contributing to or benefiting from scholarship and teaching in the humanities, and they are welcome to enroll.

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