If You Build It, They will Break It: Undergraduate Students’ Novel Use of Study Technologies

Instructional technologies are often implemented by instructors with a singular purpose in mind like information delivery or assessment of student learning. Regardless of intention, students adopt and reconfigure these tools to suit their needs in a course. Through case studies of technology domestication by students, I illustrate the creative and constructive ways that students produce their own course materials, combining curricular, extra-curricular, and open access materials into a new arrangement of resources that best meet their needs and preferences. The individual and idiosyncratic arrangement of course resources results in students more frequently adopting tools they evaluate as useful early in the course, and perhaps overlooking resources that become more useful as the course progresses. 

In the interactive session, instructors will have the opportunity to rethink how they (re)introduce course resources and study strategies throughout the semester to promote a better alignment between instructors’ intentions and students’ behaviors.  

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Thu, 11/02/2017 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm
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Michigan League - Koessler Room
Michael Brown, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
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