Grading Matters: Inclusive Grading and Assessment

Testing and assessment practices influence much that happens in our classrooms. In this session, we will explore key findings from research on how assignment, testing, and grading practices can promote student motivation and foster learning for all our students, across diverse identities and experiences. Of particular interest will be critiques of conventional testing and grading practices (e.g. grades that rest on a small number of timed, high-stakes exams or assignments; limited feedback loops; curved or fixed average grading systems). The session will provide examples of assignment and grading practices that respond to these critiques. At the conclusion of this session, participants will be asked to review their own assessment practices in light of this research.

This session is part of the Inclusive Teaching @ Michigan series. Please see the full listing of series events here.

Event Information
Thu, 05/11/2017 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Location (Room): 
CRLT Seminar Room (1013 Palmer Commons)
Deborah Meizlish, Senior Associate Director, CRLT
Faculty Only