Consultations on Department GSI Training

Department Consultations

CRLT staff are available to consult with GSI coordinators, Graduate Student Mentors (GSMs), and others as they develop or improve programs to fit the training needs of GSIs within their departments. Consultation services can include review of pedagogy material, assistance in planning seminars, identifying methods for evaluating a GSI program, facilitating focus groups with GSIs and GSMs to obtain feedback and direction for departmental training programs, videotaping classes for use in GSI training, developing multicultural training programs, and large course feedback sessions. To arrange a consultation please e-mail or call 764-0505.

Departmental GSI Development: A Handbook for Faculty and GSMs who Work with GSIs

The CRLT Handbook is a resource for working with GSIs at various stages. This book includes steps for planning and evaluating a GSI program, sample workshop and orientation agendas, detailed information about the evaluation of GSIs, and a bibliography of teaching resources. A paper copy of the Handbook is available free of charge upon request by contacting CRLT at 734-764-0505.

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Workshops for GSMs and Faculty who supervise GSIs

The GSM and Faculty GSI Coordinator programs are designed to provide information and resources for those designing or running GSI training programs.

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Graduate Student Mentors (GSMs): What Are They?

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