Graduate Teaching Consultants (GTCs) Program

What is the Graduate Teaching Consultants Program?

Graduate Teaching Consultants (GTCs) are a group of experienced GSIs and post-docs who work with CRLT on activities designed to promote excellence in graduate student teaching at Michigan. The intent of the GTC program is to provide GSIs access to experienced peer consultants for guidance and support in their important roles as teachers. While GSIs benefit greatly from mentoring in their home departments, the GTC program provides GSIs with an additional source of support – providing a safe and confidential place to explore teaching issues and discuss teaching problems. Any GSI can request a consultation with a Graduate Teaching Consultant by requesting a consultation through our website.

Graduate Teaching Consultants group photo

GTC 2016-17 Profiles

Why become a GTC?

By working with CRLT, GTCs have a unique opportunity to help advance teaching and learning across the university while continuing their own development as teachers. All GTCs receive training in consulting techniques from CRLT, including how to conduct classroom observations and midterm student feedback sessions. Additionally, GTCs meet monthly or bi-monthly at CRLT as members of a teaching circle. These meetings are used to discuss consulting case studies, to foster inclusive teaching practices, and to learn new pedagogic techniques.

“Working in the GTC program was one of the highlights of my experiences here in Michigan, and I'll be taking a lot of what I've learned with me to [my faculty job].” -Brad Damaré, GTC, 2006-8

“It's wonderful to have a job where you can help others become more effective teachers, and become a better teacher yourself in the process.” - GTC

“The most valuable aspect of being a GTC is being associated with a group of people that also value teaching and learning. In our GTC meetings (and in my observations of other GSIs) I have many opportunities to learn more about university-level pedagogies and what may or may not work in my own experiences.” - GTC

“The GTC program provides a unique forum in which to think critically about pedagogical methods and related issues. Classroom observations offer the opportunity to consult with other instructors, and share practical strategies to improve the teaching and learning environment. As a result, being involved with the GTC program has provided much insight into my own teaching, and the inspiration to try new approaches.” - GTC

How to become a GTC?

Graduate students from across the University are eligible to be GTCs. The ideal candidate will have successful teaching experience at UM, a demonstrated interest in working with others around teaching and pedagogy, and time in their schedules to accommodate 60-80 hours of work over the course of the academic year. The scheduling of hours is flexible based on the availability of the GTCs and the needs of the Center. CRLT is hiring GTCs in April 2017, so if you are interested in applying to the program, please see our call for applications here. For questions, please contact Nicole Tuttle (