Web Resources for GSIs

We have collected a variety of electronic resources to help you as you begin your teaching experience. Each resource is briefly described.

Preparing to Teach Your Class

See the overview flyer and demonstration on the Faculty Center Help Menu.

Your access to Faculty Business is automatically granted one-day after you've been assigned a class in Wolverine Access. Use the Faculty Center Help pages to view demonstrations or refer to step-by-step procedures.

Support and Programs for GSIs

  • University of Michigan Student Profile (.pdf) - This ten year comparison of entering student surveys contains valuable information about changes in students' backgrounds, activities, beliefs and goals. University of Michigan students who entered in 1997 are compared with first-year students who began in 2007.
  • CRLT Occasional Papers- These publications present research and best practices on various teaching and learning topics that are relevant to both GSIs and faculty at the University of Michigan.
  • CRLT Seminar Series- CRLT seminars for GSIs and faculty on topics relevant to their teaching and student learning, with new topics every term.
  • U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate - An opportunity for graduate students to document, integrate, synthesize, and be recognized for one’s professional development as a college-level instructor.  Participants complete professional development activities in five areas: orientation to college-level teaching, learning about teaching methods, instructional practice, mentorship on teaching, and reflection on teaching and learning.
  • Rackham-CRLT May Seminar on Preparing Future Faculty - A seminar on college teaching designed to help prepare senior graduate students for their first faculty positions.  Seminar themes include the institutional structure of higher education, faculty work-life, the academic job search, and effective and reflective teaching.  Acceptance of an application is required to participate in this month-long program.
  • Teaching with Technology Facilities and Service Providers- Lists topics on teaching and public speaking as well as research and publishing and then indicates which University departments are equipped to assist instructors with these topics.  Contact information for these departments is also provided.
  • University of Michigan Libraries - The University Library has a variety of instructional offerings at all levels of research experience and for all subjects, whether you are looking for instruction for yourself, a group, or a class you teach.
  • The English Language Institute: GSI Instruction - ELI offers workshops and courses designed to improve the classroom English language skills of prospective and current GSIs from non-English-medium undergraduate backgrounds.
  • Arts at Michigan Course Connections Program - Arts at Michigan funding for instructors who want to incorporate arts-based learning in the curriculum of any undergraduate course at U-M.

Support/Accommodations for Your Students

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