Programs & Resources for Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Scholars


  Multicultural Facilitation Training
• 6 weekly sessions in Fall term
• Co-sponsored by Rackham and
  The Program on Intergroup Relations

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Teaching Orientations

Offered every
Fall and Winter term,
just before the semester starts
Intercampus Mentorship Program
• Opportunity to meet faculty at nearby colleges
   and universities
• Funding for travel and meeting expenses provided
• Co-sponsored by Rackham
  Individual Consultations
Topics include course planning,
innovative pedagogy,
classroom concerns, and
student ratings.
  What's It Like Series
• Spotlights academic work-life
   at different colleges and universities
• Co-sponsored by Rackham
Fall and Winter Seminars
Topics include
• Grading
• Leading discussions
• Integrating new technologies
• Supporting students with
Web Resources
GSI Guidebook
Blog on teaching
   and learning

Occasional Papers
   on teaching

• Videos and examples of
   great teaching
Postdoctoral Short-Course on College Teaching
• 7 weekly sessions in Winter term
• For science and engineering postdocs
• Applications due in December
• Co-sponsored by Rackham
  Teaching Philosophy Resources
Individual consultations
Sample statements and guides online
CRLT Occasional Paper #23
Midterm Student Feedback (MSF)
CRLT consultants gather student feedback
and discuss it with instructors,
making it possible to enhance
a course before the end of term.
Preparing Future Faculty Seminar
• 10 sessions over 5 weeks, beginning in May
• Topics include research on teaching and learning, US
   higher education, and preparation for the job market
• Applications due in February
• Co-sponsored by Rackham
Preparing Future Faculty Conference
• Half-day conference in Fall term
• Topics include navigating the job market, developing
   a research plan, and faculty work-life
• Co-sponsored by Rackham and the Career Center