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Teaching Concepts with Piazza
Overview Piazza is an online space for student to use to post questions and receive or share answers about class materials. In addition to centralizing basic questions and answers, Piazza can be a way to assess student participation and stimulate outside discussions and conversations about classroom materials. Created by an outside company, Piazza is available as an add-on tool in CTools. Students will need to create a username and password, but once they have entered it through CTools, they...
Flipping a Mechanical Engineering Course
Steve Skerlos (Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering), discovered that his graduate students, even those who were quite successful in his classes, were not retaining what they had learned in class in a way that they could apply that knowledge to research questions.  Additionally, Prof. Skerlos had a desire to shift his lecture-based courses to have more in common with senior design courses in engineering, i.e. the instructor and the students all working together to solve problems...
Engaging Students in Active Learning - Jeff Ringenberg
This video highlights Jeff Ringenberg, Lecturer IV in Electrical Engineering emphasizing 'big picture' ideas, using active learning, and connecting concepts to the real world in order to engage students in a large lecture course.