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May 13-17: Hot Topics in Equity-focused Teaching @ Michigan, May Series

March 28, 2024
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Equity-Focused Teaching

Now in its eighth year, this annual series of workshops is open to all U-M instructors. Each workshop offers opportunities to engage with colleagues from across the university and to think through a range of timely equity-focused teaching questions, challenges, and strategies. You are welcome to register for one or all of the workshops in this one-week series. Sessions are free and open to U-M instructors in any field. 

This year’s series focuses on “hot topics,” recurring questions, and common challenges that instructors have encountered this year. We’ve consulted with many instructors about how to implement Equity-focused Teaching strategies within the context of a teaching team; two workshops (one for faculty and one for GSIs) will be dedicated to this set of issues. “Teaching in Tumultuous Times” looks ahead to the potential impact of the upcoming election season on teaching and learning experiences. CRLT in Engineering will host a workshop on neurodiversity and neurodivergence. Additional workshops will focus on accessibility and critical reflection, equity-focused assessment, Generative AI, journal-keeping as a teaching tool, and facilitating discussions. The program will also include the launch of a summer book study group focused on Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass. Workshops will take place either in-person (at CRLT in Palmer Commons or on North campus) or via Zoom.