Blogging to Apply Disciplinary Concepts and Critically Analyze Current Events

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Blogging to Apply Disciplinary Concepts and Critically Analyze Current Events
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Online Writing and Discussion
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Discussion Forum
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Providing feedback to students
Promoting student reflection and critical thinking
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Professional Schools
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Scott Moore
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Scott Moore in a lecture hallFollow this link for a short video describing this teaching strategy.

Scott Moore, School of Business, teaches Business Thought & Action where sophomores are challenged to apply the analytical tools they learn in class to business news articles via a class blog. Students’ blog posts include, but are not limited to, analyses of corporate mergers, new business models and practices, and new markets for products and services.

Students are required to post once per month and to read and reflect substantively (comment) on the writings of other students at least twice per month, helping the entire class learn about current events in business while practicing the application of key concepts and skills. Moore comments on students’ posts, reinforcing desired behaviors, and he also provides guidance on how to write provocative posts that invite comments and responses.

The class blog is public to the world, and the fact that some posts receive thousands of visits substantially raises student engagement. To manage course blogging efficiently, Moore sets up the blog to send him an e-mail any time a student posts or comments. He then creates an e-mail filter, so that these blog notifications automatically move to a designated folder, rather than cluttering his inbox. At convenient times in his schedule, Moore checks this blogging folder, accessing, reviewing, and grading blog activity through links in the e-mail notifications.