Coordinating Multiple GSIs Using a Course Wiki

Resource Title:
Coordinating Multiple GSIs Using a Course Wiki
Technology Type:
Online Writing and Discussion
Technology Tool:
CTools/Course Management System
Pedagogical Goal:
Course management
Managing the instructional team
Course Type:
Academic Area:
Social Sciences
Political Science
Faculty Name:
James Morrow
Online Collaboration Tool:
CTools wiki

Professor James MorrowFollow this link to a short video describing this teaching strategy.

James Morrow, Political Science, teaches a large introductory lecture course that employs a team of GSIs who lead weekly discussion sessions of 20-30 students on assigned readings and lecture content. Training GSIs and coordinating teaching across sections can be challenging in large courses. Likewise, maintaining and sharing institutional memory of successful and unsuccessful teaching practices is difficult, especially given rapid turnover of GSIs across terms.

Consequently, Morrow used the wiki within CTools to collect and archive effective instructional materials and lesson plans for GSI discussion sections. Weekly course meetings with GSIs can include group reflections on instructional practices and updates of wiki content. GSIs in physics have used a similar approach to document and share common student problems and effective teaching practices within and across terms in gateway lab courses.