Observing Classes & Conducting Midterm Student Feedback Sessions

This foundational workshop is designed to give new Graduate Student Instructional Consultants (GSICs), Engineering Teaching Consultants (ETCs), Graduate Student Mentors (GSMs), and GSI Coordinators a framework for observing their GSIs’ classes and collecting student feedback. Using role plays and interactive activities, participants will learn how to set up classroom visits, collect objective data during an observation (in the face-to-face and remote classroom) and use the consultation process to help GSIs be more reflective about their teaching. Participants in this workshop will also learn how to collect midterm feedback from students using small-group discussions (in the face-to-face and remote classroom) and how to use that feedback in a consultation with the GSI. This synchronous workshop (offered through Zoom) will require participants to complete asynchronous pre-work prior to the session. For questions regarding this workshop, please contact Dr. Karishma Collette (karishms@umich.edu) or Dr. Audra Baleisis (baleisis@umich.edu)

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