Writing a Teaching with Technology Philosophy Statement

Teaching philosophy statements are vital components of instructors’ teaching portfolios as they communicate core values and commitments to student learning. As technology continues to play an important role in many classrooms, educators might take stock of the digital tools they employ— in not only how they connect these tools to their students’ learning but also account for students’ safety, agency, and wellbeing. Of course, outlining these kinds of commitments can take up more space than traditional teaching philosophy statements typically allow.

During this 2-week asynchronous workshop, you will first have the opportunity to explore various contexts and audiences for which a teaching with technology philosophy statement (TTPS) might be useful and consider your own investments in technology, students’ learning goals, and students’ safety and accessibility. You will then begin to draft a teaching with technology philosophy statement (TTPS) and submit it for peer feedback. This workshop is envisioned as a next step for graduate students and postdocs who have already written a standard teaching philosophy statement.

NOTE: While the session is open for asynchronous participation from Wed. Mar 23 - Wed. April 6, there are two assignment deadlines to be aware of: participants are asked to 1) submit a working draft of their TPSS by Fri. 4/1 and 2) submit peer reviews by Wed. 4/6. Participants need not write a complete TTPS to participate in peer review..

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