Designing & Implementing Alternative Grading Strategies

Session Format: Blended/Flipped: Asynchronous (via Canvas) plus In-person Synchronous

Intended Audience: Faculty

Facilitator(s): Hayley Heaton and Jeanne Andreoli

Session Abstract: Alternative grading strategies offer instructors options for assessing student learning outside the realm of the traditional A to F and 100-point scales. Instructors at U-M are using or testing out these strategies with the goal of benefiting student learning and their own experience as instructors. In this blended in-person workshop, instructors who are using or are about to use alternative grading strategies will have space to think individually and together about the practical use of those strategies in their courses. Instructors will spend 30-60 minutes doing guided asynchronous reflection on their course materials that utilize (or will soon utilize) alternative grading strategies. They will then participate in a 90-minute in-person session with other participants to talk together about what implementation looks like in a U-M classroom. This workshop will be helpful for instructors wishing to implement a particular alternative grading strategy (i.e., specifications grading, ungrading, contract grading) in their course  and particularly helpful for those who have started working with alternative grading strategies and who wish to learn more and further refine their assessment plans.

Note: This workshop is targeted for instructors who are already familiar with alternative grading strategies and would like to integrate them in their course(s) within the next academic year. Instructors with less familiarity should consider enrolling in “Exploring Alternative Grading Strategies” before registering for this workshop.

GTC eligible? No

Event Information
Location (Room):
CRLT Seminar Room (1013 Palmer Commons)
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Not eligible for Certificate