Making Lecture Recordings Available through iTunes U

Resource Title:
Making Lecture Recordings Available through iTunes U
Technology Type:
Lecture Capture
Technology Tool:
Lecture Capture
Pedagogical Goal:
Content delivery (alternatives to lecture)
Providing supplementary content
Course Type:
Academic Area:
Social Sciences
Faculty Name:
Thad Polk

Thad Polk, LSA - Psychology, teaches in a large auditorium where an automated lecture capture system is not currently available. For several semesters, he has been using ProfCast to record his lectures and make the recordings available to students via iTunes U in CTools. From the Ctools course site, students can download recordings for playback on their personal computers or iPods. Students in Professor Polk’s classes appreciate having podcasts available and consider them a great tool for studying, reviewing, and catching up. They also enjoy the flexibility that the technology provides, allowing students to review past lectures whenever and wherever they prefer.