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CRLT Players
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Available in 2024-25

Click “LEARN MORE” to explore an up-to-date list of all the sessions the Players will be offering in 2024-25. From this page, you can navigate to session-specific pages where you will find session descriptions & learning objectives, as well as testimonials from past attendees. You’ll also find information about each session’s length, possible modalities, and when within the coming academic year it will be available for booking.


Available Sessions

CRLT Players sessions explore a range of topics related to advancing equity in higher education spaces. While the specifics change from session to session, all CRLT Players work contains topic-specific framing and/or research; a theatrical intervention; and facilitated participant discussion, exploration, and reflection on what individuals and institutions can do to meet the concerns raised in the session. Sessions vary in length but the majority are 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Click “learn more” for specific session descriptions and objectives.

Source URL: https://crlt.umich.edu/crltplayers/our-repertoire