Running Online Practice Teaching Sessions

In a practice teaching (PT) or microteaching session, instructors deliver a brief lesson (e.g., 10-20 minutes) to their peers. Participants in a practice teaching session offer each other feedback on their practice lessons while simultaneously reflecting on their own teaching. Thus, in this facilitator training workshop, participants will learn how to run an online practice teaching session, with a particular focus on how to manage time and give constructive feedback to instructors. We will discuss how to provide feedback that aligns with the teaching format of each individual instructor, and also brainstorm strategies for facilitating challenging scenarios that might arise during a PT session. This synchronous workshop (offered through Zoom) will require participants to complete asynchronous pre-work prior to the training session.

This session is intended for individuals who will be facilitating practice teaching sessions at a CRLT or department teaching orientation, as part of other departmental GSI training/development, or in their role of GSM.

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