Welcome: Teagle-CRLT Colloquium on the Science of Learning

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The Teagle-CRLT Colloquium on the Science of Learning seeks “to help faculty members and postdoctoral students in a wide variety of fields in the arts and sciences take full advantage of …new developments in cognitive psychology, assessment and other fields concerned with student learning,” through programs designed “to explore this knowledge and test its applicability by putting it to use in improving student learning at the undergraduate level” (from the Teagle Foundation Request for Proposals). http://www.teaglefoundation.org/Library-Resources

Our Focus

This colloquium brought together two cohorts of University of Michigan faculty whose disciplinary expertise are outside of sciences of learning, yet who are dedicated teachers. We recruited faculty from a wide range of disciplines in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. We used readings, assignments, presentations from scholars of the sciences of learning, and seminar structures designed to engage faculty in unfamiliar literature, and encourage them to apply the information to their teaching. Finally, we sought to develop a community of faculty who would promote and disseminate what they learned among colleagues.

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Source URL: https://crlt.umich.edu/learningcolloquium/index