Teaching Strategies: Experiential Learning and Field Work

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Teaching Strategies: Experiential Learning and Field Work

Experiential learning is an engaged learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience. Experiential learning activities can include, but are not limited to, hands-on laboratory experiments, practicums, field exercises, and studio performances. The article in this section describes how experiential learning can be incorporated into college courses.

Experiential Learning & Experiential Education: Philosophy, theory, practice & resources (James Neill, University of Canberra, Wilderdom.com)
Comprehensive site exploring definitions and learning theories related to experiential education. Also includes an index of group activities, games, exercises, and initiatives.

David. A. Kolb on experiential learning (Smith, 2001, Informal Education)
David A. Kolb's model of experiential learning can be found in many discussions of the theory and practice of adult education, informal education and lifelong learning. This site sets out the model, and examines its possibilities and problems.

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