Winter 2011 Provost’s Seminar on Teaching: Connecting College Teaching with the Science of Learning

Connecting College Teaching with the Science of Learning

The Provost's Seminars, which are held twice a year, promote lively and substantive dialogues about a wide range of teaching and learning issues that are relevant campus wide. This winter's Seminar presents findings from the science of learning that is done nationally and on this campus, and that does not receive enough attention when we plan our teaching strategies. CRLT, always an advocate of evidence-based teaching and inclusive teaching, has worked with cohorts of faculty in the last two years to explore existing research on learning. These programs have been supported in part by the Teagle Foundation. This Seminar provided an opportunity for faculty members to benefit from the science of learning, and to learn from colleagues who have been drawing on this research effectively. The Seminar's goals were not only to inform and enhance teaching, but also to stimulate use of pedagogies that are particularly successful for a diverse student body.

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