Online Course for Senior Medical Students

Resource Title:
Online Course for Senior Medical Students
Technology Tool:
CTools/Course Management System
Online Learning Module
Pedagogical Goal:
Content delivery (alternatives to lecture)
Course management
Teaching in an online/blended format
Course Type:
Academic Area:
Health Sciences
Medical School
Faculty Name:
Cary Engleberg

In order to teach senior medical students about medical theraputics, Cary Engleberg at the Medical School, has developed an online curriculum. This curriculum includes:

  • interactive case‐based learning modules that incorporate explanatory feedback, images, video interviews with multiple faculty members, and links to medical references and guidelines at specific learning points in the materials
  • weekly hour‐long seminars conducted via Adobe Connect to provide an interactive learning experience with multiple faculty members on numerous therapeutic topics
  • online quizzes that are taken online and are designed to test problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • student research presentations (usually a PowerPoint document) that are submitted electronically via Sitemaker

The entire course is accessed via a CTools site and takes advantage of the CTools environment and tools (e.g., announcements, assignments, resources, rosters, etc.) to efficiently administer the course.

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