Teaching Medical Reasoning with EMG Whiz

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ZACHARY LONDON, Associate Professor of Neurology, Medical School. His innovation involves a web-based simulator to assist in training neurologists and physiatrists.


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TIP Winner: Generating Multidisciplinary Synergies Across Community-Engaged Courses
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Online Learning Module
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Neurology Medical School
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Zachary London
Photo of TIP 2015 winner Zachary London
A web-based simulator, EMG Whiz challenges medical residents and fellows to plan efficient sequences of electromyography tests in order to diagnose nerve and muscle disorders. Training recommendations call for neurologists and physiatrists to perform and interpret 200 complete electrodiagnostic evaluations during their residencies or fellowships. Although hands-on, clinical experience enables trainees to become adept at making common diagnoses, trainees are unlikely to get enough practice with less commonly seen diseases to be able to identify them with confidence, let alone to do so efficiently.


Student Comments

EMG Whiz “uniquely teaches challenging neurological concepts in an approachable, original format.”
“EMG Whiz highlights the reasoning skills inherent to electromyography. It teaches clinical medicine not by rote memorization or simple pattern recognition, but by highlighting decision-making and a dynamic, logical
“Learning how to interpret electromyography results can be daunting for trainees. The approach differs
based upon the patient’s symptoms and must be adapted as the test[ing] progresses and more results become available.”
“The program provides a self-paced, intuitive means to navigate through cases.”
“EMG Whiz’s innovation lies in its ability to teach the foundational logic of electromyography in a way that
textbooks and journal articles cannot. The case-based approach duplicates the situations that physicians will
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ZACHARY LONDON  (Associate Professor of Neurology Medical School)

Source URL: https://crlt.umich.edu/teaching-medical-reasoning-emg-whiz