Out-of-Class Screencasts of Students' "Muddiest Point" and Problem Solutions

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Out-of-Class Screencasts of Students' "Muddiest Point" and Problem Solutions
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Pedagogical Goal:
Content delivery (alternatives to lecture)
Answering student questions
Increasing engagement and/or interactivity
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Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Name:
Joanna Millunchick

Joanna Millunchick, College of Engineering, creates screencasts in order to provide thorough explanations of homework, quiz, and exam solutions, as well as the “Muddiest Points,” as determined by student feedback collected at the end of each unit.  She is using a software program (Camtasia) that records audio and a visual of her use of a tablet PC, so she can write on the screen and switch between multiple explanations of confusing concepts available online.

A preliminary study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of these resources, especially the screencast of the Muddiest Points. Students who responded to the end-of-term survey believed that Muddiest Point screencasts were helpful. One student commented, “Screencasts are great because it shows topics that the professor finds important and is a great resource to use to study for the exam. Also, even if I understand the concept, hearing important material one more time in a new way is always extremely helpful.”