Recent CRLT Assessment and Evaluation Publications

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Research on Action-Based Immersive Learning Experiences
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Blazek, M.C., Dantz, B., Wright, M.C. & Fiedorowicz, J.G. (2016). Spaced learning using emails to integrate psychiatry into general medical curriculum: Keep Psychiatry in Mind. Medical Teacher. Available:

Gonzalez-Cabezas, C., Anderson, O.S., Wright, M.C., & Fontana, M. (2015). Exam questions developed by students lead to higher cognitive level of learning. Journal of Dental Education, 1295-1304.

Wright, M. C., & Howard, J. (2015). Assessment for improvement: Two models for assessing a large quantitative reasoning requirement. Numeracy, 8(1). Available:

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Wright, M.C., Finelli, C.J., & Meizlish, D. (2011). Facilitating the scholarship of teaching and learning at a research university. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 43(2): 50-56. Available:

Book Chapters

Wright, M.C., Bernstein, J.L., & Williams, R. (2013). “The steps of the ladder keep going up”: A case study of hevruta as reflective pedagogy in two universities. In M. Kaplan, D. Meizlish, N. Silver, & D. Lavaque-Manty (Eds.). Reflection and metacognition in college teaching. Sterling, VA: Stylus.

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Presentations and Reports

Everett, A., Wright, M., Anderson, A., Fontana, M. (2015, March). Long-lasting learning of critical thinking skills in a dental curriculum. Poster presentation at American Dental Education Association Annual Session and Exhibition. Boston, MA.

Bakewell, M. & Greenberg, R. (2014, December). Faculty and Student Evaluation of Canvas. Report available here:

Meizlish, D., Wright, M.C., Kaplan, M., & Howard, J. (2014, November). Leveraging institutional data to demonstrate our impact. Winner of the POD Network Robert L. Menges Award for Outstanding Research in Educational Development.

Trumpey, J., Wright, M.C., & Wiley, S. (2014, April). Assessment of school-wide international experience requirement in studio-based curriculum. Presentation at Forum on Education Abroad, San Diego, CA.

Greenberg, A.K., Gross, M., & Wright, M.C. (2014, March). Effects of image-based and text-based activities on student learning outcomes. Poster presented at the Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Gonzalez-Cabezas, C., Wright, M., Anderson, O., & Fontana, M. (2014, March). Student-developed exam questions lead to higher cognitive level of learning. Poster presentation at American Dental Education Association Annual Session and Exhibition. San Antonio, TX.

Wright, M.C., Huerta, M., & Milkova, S. (2011, October). Developing intercultural competence in art & design students: Evaluation of the impact of an international experience requirement. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Milwaukee, WI.

Wright, M.C., Bergom, I., & Lande. E. (2015). Impact of smaller class sizes in U-M Spanish and German courses. Executive summary available here:

Blogposts and Occasional Papers

Not the same old drill: Student-authored test questions improve critical thinking (2015). Available:

The sooner the better: Rethinking the curriculum for early engaged learning (2015). Available:

Building pathways to your courses (2015). Available:

Teaching quantitative reasoning: What's working at U-M? (2013). Available:

Crowdsource student Q&A and improve student discussion with Piazza (2013). Available:

Capturing the impact of enaged learning (2016). Available:

CRLT Occasional Papers (2016; available: on development and assessment of:

  • Social/civic responsibility and ethical reasoning
  • Collaboration, teamwork and communication
  • Self-agency and the ability to innovate and take risks
  • Student creativity
  • Intercultural engagement