Students Create Websites to Engage with 18th Century Literature

Resource Description:


Resource Title:
Students Create Websites to Engage with 18th Century Literature
Technology Type:
Online Writing and Discussion
Technology Tool:
Webpage Creation
Pedagogical Goal:
Facilitating collaborative authorship, editing, or peer review
Promoting student reflection and critical thinking
Increasing engagement and/or interactivity
Course Type:
Academic Area:
Arts and Humanities
Faculty Name:
David Porter

David Porter (, LSA - English and Comparative Literature, is responsible for the design and implementation of the Eighteenth-Century England website, an ongoing, collaborative project by U-M students studying eighteenth-century literature. As an alternative to the traditional term paper or final exam, Porter encourages students in his classes to work in small groups to write and design a set of webpages that explores some aspect of life and culture in eighteenth-century England. Porter’s website combines an ever-expanding showcase of completed student research projects with an extensive set of resources and guidelines designed to help students develop new material for the site. To view the Eighteenth-Century England website, go to