Using CTools chats to conduct online office hours

Resource Description:


Resource Title:
Using CTools forums to conduct online office hours
Technology Type:
Online Writing and Discussion
Technology Tool:
CTools/Course Management System
Discussion Forum
Pedagogical Goal:
Answering student questions
Course Type:
Academic Area:
Social Sciences
Faculty Name:
Sherrie Kossoudji

Sherrie Kossoudji (, LSA - Economics and Sociology, employs the Ctools chat function to conduct online office hours for her students enrolled in the large lecture course Economics 101. During a two-hour block each weekday evening, students can electronically communicate with a GSI to get immediate assistance with their coursework. The transcript of these conversations is then available on CTools after the session is over. This online "Q & A" is available to all students and GSIs in the course and is an archive for future reference by instructors and students. 

For specific questions about Kossoudji's online office hours, contact her at the email address above.