Web-based Game for Teaching Library Research

Resource Title:
Web-based Game for Teaching Library Research
Technology Type:
Technology Tool:
Online Learning Module
Simulations/Case Studies
Pedagogical Goal:
Content delivery (alternatives to lecture)
Providing feedback to students
Promoting student reflection and critical thinking
Increasing engagement and/or interactivity
Teaching in an online/blended format
Course Type:
Academic Area:
Science, Technology, and Math

In order to improve undergraduates' library research skills, Karen Markey, School of Information, created an online game entitled "Bibliobouts". This game takes students through different stages of the research process and enables them to receive feedback on their research techniques. This occurs both through accumulation of points throughout the game as well as conversations with instructors who can use the game to track the student's research process (which sources they considered, how they evaluated those sources, which sources they ultimately decided to use, etc.). For more information about this game, please visit http://bibliobouts.org/.