Students must have the ability to communicate with many audiences and to utilize varied formats and styles that will most effectively convey their messages. They must appreciate and leverage diverse contributions to a task, and know how to cooperate with others towards common purposes.

Long form of term name:
Communication, Collaboration, and Teamwork

Fink Method – Peer assessment

This is most often used in team-based classroom assignments. Given 100 points to divide among team members, students assign each team member a score based on the extent to which they believe their teammates contributed to the overall team performance. An individual student’s grade is then based on their average peer ratings, multiplied by the group score.

Teamwork Survey – Peer assessment

Students rate their team as a whole for how frequently they display certain behaviors, using a 32-item questionnaire.
Score system ranges from 1 (almost never) to 5 (almost always). Sample items include:

  • Our team feels that we are all in it together and share responsibilities for the team’s success or failure.
  • The team leader is democratic and collaborative.
  • We argue a lot even though we agree on the real issues.

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