Setting the Stage for Success: Designing a Learner-Centered Syllabus

How inviting is your syllabus?  Does it get students excited to learn and provide a roadmap for success? Does it make expectations explicit? Does it make room for diversity and inclusion and ensure accessibility? During this asynchronous workshop, we will review the fundamentals of backward course design, examine evidence-based practices for learner-centered syllabi, gauge how learner-centered your syllabus is using a rubric, and then work to revise your syllabus so that it serves both as a learning device and a course guide. We will also explore strategies to adapt your syllabus to online and hybrid teaching contexts.


Asynchronous Seminar Series Workshops:

Asynchronous online workshops are delivered in Canvas over 5 days, beginning on Monday at 8:00 am and ending on the following Friday at 11:59 pm. Participants are able to contribute independently at their own pace over the 5-day period; however, there may be intermittent deadlines to optimize participant interaction. The workshops will require approximately 2-2.5 hours of engagement, including reading about evidence-based practices, viewing multimedia, engaging in online discussion forums, and submitting reflective assignments. 


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Graduate Students
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