"Are They Getting It?": Low-Stakes Ways to Gauge Student Learning

Session Format: In-Person

Intended Audience: Graduate Student Instructors, Undergraduate Instructional Aides

Facilitators: Lauren Biernacki, Nicholas Diskerud

Session Abstract: Classroom assessment techniques (CATs) are quick and useful ways to gather information on what, how much, and how well students learn. Instructors can use the data to create more effective learning environments. Participants in this in-person session will experience several types of CATs and strategize ways to use CATs in their own classes.

Event Information
Location (Room):
Johnson Rooms, 3rd Floor, Lurie Engineering Center (North Campus)
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate:
Requirement B2
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Source URL: https://crlt.umich.edu/event/133694