The Importance of Embracing Failure in Learning

Session Format: Remote synchronous (Zoom)

Intended Audience: Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdocs, UG Instructional Assistants, Admin/Staff

Facilitator(s): Audra Baleisis and Deborah Lichti

Session Abstract: Failure is a vital part of conducting research and thinking about design in STEM disciplines. However, STEM students do not often view failure, or challenges, as integral to learning. In this interactive session, participants will reflect on the many roles (both positive and negative) of failure in the college classroom, and learn about strategies for mitigating fear of failure. We will consider the dangers of stereotype threat and impostor syndrome, and the power of fostering a growth mindset for instructors and students. (Note: this workshop is based on the Stereotype Threat, Impostor Syndrome and Growth Mindset Workshop that has been offered for the past 4 years. If you have attended that, much of the material will be familiar to you.)

GTC eligible? Yes, B2-DEI

Note: Links to Zoom meeting will be emailed to registrants about 24 hours before the session.

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Remote Event
Graduate Students
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Requirement B2, Diversity and Inclusive Teaching
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