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CRLT Players
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  • By Putting Tensions on Stage, Colleges Aim to Change Campus Culture
    • (Koenig, R. (2021). By putting tensions on stage, colleges aim to change campus culture. EdSurge. Retrieved from
  • Receive, Reorganize, Return: Theatre as Creative Scholarship
    • This article focuses on the use of theatre as a mode of creative scholarship, from the research involved in sketch creation to the presentation of that research to academic audiences. We particularly focus on a specific sketch developed by the CRLT Players - one that explores the consequences of subtle discrimination faced by women scientists in a research laboratory settings- to illustrate the ways in which theatre can engage audiences with research results. The article explains how participation in such performances promotes a more active exploration of scholarship than simply reading or hearing a presentation. Interactive theatre directs and focuses an audience's attention in ways unique to the stage; the embodiment of research in 3-dimensional characters allows spectators to explore multiple perspectives on research results; and the process of critical reflection and facilitated discussion that follows the performance leads viewers to consider changes, both personal and institutional, that can address the issues depicted in the sketch.
    • (Armstrong, S. and Braunschneider, T. (2016), Receive, Reorganize, Return: Theatre as Creative Scholarship. To Improve the Academy, 35: 229-248. doi:10.1002/tia2.20040)
    • Click here to view a PDF of the article.
  • Use of Interactive Theater and Role Play to Develop Medical Students' Skills in Breaking Bad News
    • (Skye, E.P., Wagenschutz, H., Steiger, J.A, Kumagai, A.K. (2014). Use of interactive theatre and role play to develop medical students' skills in breaking bad news. Journal of Cancer Education, 29 (4). Retrieved from
  • Interactive Theatre: Raising Issues About the Climate with Science Faculty
    • (LaVaque-Manty, D., Steiger, J., & Stewart, A. J. (2007). Interactive theatre: Raising issues about the climate with science faculty. In A. Stewart, J. Malley, & D. LaVaque-Manty (Eds.), Transforming science and engineering: Advancing academic women (pp. 204-223). Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.)
  • Using Theatre to Stage Instructional and Organizational Transformation 
    • This article, which appeared in Change Magazine, succinctly describes why and how the CRLT Theatre Program works as a professional development tool for issues of teaching and learning and institutional transformation. In addition, the article summarizes evaluation data concerning the impact of the Program. 
    • (Change magazine, Using theatre to stage instructional and organizational transformation, Kaplan, M., Cook, C.E., & Steiger, J., 32-39, May-June 2006. Reprinted with permission of the Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation. Published by Heldref Publications, 1319 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036-1802. Copyright (c) 2006.)