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Our goal is to ensure that the day goes smoothly for you and your guests. Listed below are details about how we expect the day will progress and suggestions for things you can do to help us run a successful event.

Each company member participating in your event will have a contact sheet that includes the contact information for all Players staff as well as the event host and/or logistical coordinator. We will send you an itinerary which includes the cell phone numbers of the Players facilitator, Company Manager, and/or Rehearsal Director prior to our performance. Please be sure that this information is shared with individuals who may need to contact us directly on the day of the event.

Depending on the start time of the event and the technical requirements of the session, it may be necessary to have a rehearsal in the performance space the day before the performance or several hours before the performance start time. When booking rooms, we recommend reserving the space at least 1-3 hours before (and/or the evening before, for an early morning start). Please be in contact with the Company Manager to discuss the specific needs of your event.

The Players will arrive at the performance space at least one hour prior to the start of the event. At this time, they will familiarize themselves with the space, check sound equipment, and make any adjustments necessary to the room layout. Please have a representative from your organization available to meet the Players to answer questions and troubleshoot if unexpected challenges arise. If the Players session is part of a larger event, it may be necessary to arrange an alternate time for the company to view the space and hold their final run-through.

**Tech setup: Please troubleshoot the technology before the Players arrive and/or have a resident A/V tech on hand. Rehearsal times for performances that involve heavy use of technology may be longer than one hour.

If we need keys to access the reserved green room space, please give them to us when we arrive. Our Company Manager will take responsibility for the key(s). If the green room space cannot be locked, please have an individual meet us who can stay with the company's belongings during the performance.

The Players will be ready to begin at the scheduled start time. We understand, though, that it may be necessary to delay the start time as you wait for audience members to arrive. If your organization has a culture of starting events late , please let us know in advance so that we can adapt our plans.

Our facilitator will introduce the Players and provide an overview of the session. It is useful, however, to have a representative from your institution/organization do a more general introduction and welcome at the start of the session that situates the Players performance relative to your broader goals.

Please click here for an introduction and conclusion template.

Based on prior conversations about your event, the Players facilitator will have a detailed session plan tailored to the goals you have identified. They will use this plan to guide discussion during the event, but will remain responsive to the needs/concerns of the audience. Event organizers are typically encouraged to be active participants in the discussion.

As a reminder, the Players will not perform during food set-up, service, or removal. Please remind your caterers that these activities will have to occur outside of the agreed upon time for our performance/facilitation. 

Although the Players do not allow videotaping during the performance, we understand how important it is to document the events you offer, and we encourage you to take photographs during the session. If you plan to photograph a Players event, we ask that you notify the Players Company Manager at least 48 hours in advance. To preserve the experience of session attendees, we ask that event photographers refrain from using a flash during the performance portion of our program and not position themselves between the audience and the performers and/or facilitator. If you choose to take photos of one of our events, we would appreciate digital copies of your images.

If we are performing for your institution/organization twice in a single day, we ask that you build in a break of at least two hours between Players sessions. This time will allow us to reset the room, give the actors a short break, and prepare for later performance. If you are not providing food for the company during this break (which is not required), please offer suggestions of restaurants within walking distance where we can purchase our own meals.

Occasionally clients invite us to attend social events after our sessions like post-show receptions, dinner or drinks with key figures in the institution/organization, or roundtables with theatre students. We enjoy talking about our work and honor these requests whenever possible. Because we often work with Equity actors, however, we are governed by a very strict set of guidelines for using our performers' time. If you would like the Players to attend an additional event, please let us know at your earliest convenience so that we can request the actors' time.