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CRLT Players performing "It's in the Syllabus"During the pandemic, the Players adapted quickly to remote session delivery. In addition to adapting several pre-existing sessions, we developed two new 90-minute virtual sessions in AY 2020-2021. They are both centered on monologues shot for the edX MOOC Inclusive STEM Teaching Project just before the March 2020 lockdown. These sessions are intended as a pair. The first--Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: Moving Beyond Failure and Actively Cultivating a More Equitable Society--focuses on the individual, asking participants to consider a greater degree of responsibility for acting for equity in their spaces. The second--You Don't Belong Here: The Stories Our Systems Tell (And Why We Have to Disrupt Them)-- takes aim at structures, asking participants to reckon with the systemic inequity, racism, and dysfunction at the heart of institutions of higher ed in the U.S. Both virtual sessions are currently available.


The Players also worked across AY 2020-2021 to develop a new piece on the history of anti-Black racism in the academy with Jordan Harris, a long time company member, as the piece's primary playwright. What started as a revision to one of the Players' prior sessions quickly developed into a new piece that would explicitly address historical racism in higher ed and the educational debt owed to BIPOC in the U.S. The playwright, CRLT Players staff, and Dr. Whitney Peoples (then CRLT Director, Educational Development & Assessment Services and Coordinator of DEI Initiatives & Critical Race Pedagogies) participated in a reading group during the fall semester to research these issues. The Players will work to have a pilot of the full session in Fall 2021.