CRLT Publications

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CRLT Publications

CRLT Occasional Papers

These short and informative Occasional Papers are written by CRLT staff and U-M faculty. They summarize the research on specific topics in teaching and learning and offer examples from courses at U-M and elsewhere. Recent issues include use of online collaboration tools such as Google Apps, use of laptops in the classroom, student teams in STEM courses, and best practices for designing and grading exams. 

    Publications About CRLT

    • CRLT's Annual Report describes the ways CRLT promoted excellence and innovation in teaching and learning at the University of Michigan in the past academic year. 
    • CRLT Book: As the oldest teaching center in the county and a recognized leader in the field of faculty development, CRLT has written a book that documents our approach, Advancing the Culture of Teaching on Campus: How a Teaching Center Can Make a Difference (Stylus Publishing, 2011). This volume contains chapters authored by CRLT professional staff describing CRLT's programs and strategies, such as leading a teaching center, measuring a center's effectiveness, and strenghtening diversity through faculty development. 

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