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CRLT Players
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In addition to facilitated performances, the Artistic Director offers consultations around the following topics:

Designing Role Plays to Support Learning Goals

  • How much information should I provide about a given scenario?
  • What kinds of scenarios produce the most meaningful interactions?
  • What should participants who don’t want to &perform& do?

Creating Scripts for Educational Contexts

  • What kinds of situations are most productively dramatized?
  • How do I create characters that honor the complexity of the chosen situation?
  • How long should my script be?

Enhancing Vocal Presentation Skills

  • How can I project my voice to fill spaces of different size?
  • How can I modulate my voice to engage listeners?
  • How can I use gesture and eye contact to support my message?

Developing an Applied Theatre Program

  • How can I recruit and train actors?
  • What kinds of resistance can I expect?
  • How do I identify the areas of greatest need?