For Department Chairs, Deans & Academic Leaders

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CRLT provides customized services for departments, schools, and colleges to respond to their particular teaching and learning needs. CRLT can help faculty in academic units explore innovative pedagogical approaches, collect data to inform curricular revision or the evaluation of educational grants, and provide resources for designing and running effective GSI training programs.

Faculty Professional Development Programs for Faculty Administrators

The Office of the Provost works with the schools and colleges to provide faculty administrators with resources and training programs that will assist them in their work. Several of the schools and colleges also have their own programs, focused specifically on their policies and processes.

Customized Discipline-Specific Workshops and Retreats

In collaboration with faculty steering committees, CRLT designs customized workshops and retreats to address an academic unit's specific teaching and learning needs. Departments can also apply for CRLT grants to fund the retreats and to implement plans to improve teaching and learning that develop from such events.

Assessment and Evaluation for Curriculum Improvement

CRLT's full-time evaluator and other instructional consultants provide assistance and expertise to help faculty conceptualize, develop, and carry out evaluations of educational innovations.

Resources for Departmental GSI Training

CRLT has resources available to assist schools, colleges and departments as they develop or improve training programs to meet the needs of their GSIs. CRLT staff are available to discuss general issues of GSI training with GSI Coordinators, Graduate Student Mentors, or other departmental representatives. Such discussion can include how best to incorporate CRLT resources into a GSI training program.