Supporting the Inclusion of Nontraditional Students in the Classroom

Nationally, there is a large percentage of students who are “nontraditional” in one or more ways (e.g., older/returning, caregiver, veteran). On U-M’s Ann Arbor campus, these students have reported that they feel isolated amongst a largely traditional student body. To ground our discussion, this workshop will provide quantitative and qualitative data regarding how students on this campus identify as nontraditional. Participants will then have an opportunity to engage in discussions of case studies to deepen their understandings of the challenges faced by nontraditional students and consider strategies to support the inclusion of this diverse group of students in the classroom.

Event Information
Wed, 03/15/2017 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location (Room): 
Great Lakes Central (Palmer Commons 4th Floor)
Sam Hallman, Assessment and Evaluation Postdoctoral Research Associate, CRLT
Kirsten Elling, Associate Director for Counseling Programs and Services, CEW
Eligible for Certificate: 
Eligible for Graduate Teacher Certificate - Requirement B2, Multicultural Teaching