Preparing Future Faculty Resources

If you’re wondering what an academic career might entail in different fields and at different kinds of institutions, how to write a teaching philosophy, or how to make productive use of your time in graduate school, you’ll find resources here to help you. Browse through the pages based on your interest in learning more about the types of academic jobs, how to navigate the academic job market, or strategies for success at any stage of your academic career, from graduate student to postdoc to full professor. 
Many of these resources originated from a CRLT-Rackham collaboration, the former annual Preparing Future Faculty conference. If you'd like additional information on these topics, CRLT and Rackham also offer an annual Preparing Future Faculty seminar each May to a select group of graduate students. The course emphasizes the use of evidence-based teaching strategies, inclusive teaching, student assessment, and conversations about teaching and faculty life with faculty at diverse institution types. Applications are due in February.
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If you’d like to learn more about what academic jobs entail, and whether you’d like to pursue one, try Investigating Academic Jobs. There you will learn about the tenure track process and faculty worklife. See what it’s like to work at different types of institutions. Explore faculty jobs off the tenure track or non-faculty jobs.
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Ahead of the academic job market, read through the resources in the Applying For Academic Jobs section. Learn about the academic job hiring process. Get help preparing your application materials such as CVs and cover letters and teaching philosophies. Get some insight into interviewing and networking. Learn how to negotiate an offer that works for you.
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Whether you're just beginning your graduate career or a faculty member looking for career advice, the Thriving In The Academy section offers resources to help you. Turn to CRLT resources on teaching for help with your classroom needs. Get advice on mentoring and being mentored. Read through tips on staying productive and organized from graduate school and beyond.
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