Engaging Students by Integrating Career Development into Your Course

Session Format: In-person, Multipurpose Room in lobby of LSA Building (500 State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109)

Intended Audience: Faculty

Facilitator(s): Paul Barron, Jeanne Andreoli

Session Abstract: Surveys show that students are motivated by career readiness as well as personal and intellectual development. Integrating career development engages students and communicates both an awareness of their needs and ways to apply their learning beyond the course. In this interactive in-person workshop, co-sponsored by CRLT and the LSA Opportunity Hub, faculty will explore ways to support students in their career development journey. Recognizing research that shows students seek career advice from faculty, participants will learn the career development practices that have the greatest impact on students and spend time integrating strategies and resources into syllabi and assignments.

GTC eligible? No

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