For Chairs, Deans & Directors

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CRLT provides customized services for departments, schools, and colleges to respond to their particular teaching and learning needs. CRLT can help faculty in academic units explore innovative pedagogical approaches, collect data to inform curricular revision or the evaluation of educational grants, and provide resources for designing and running effective GSI training programs.

Provost's Campus Leadership Program for Chairs and Associate Deans

This program, organized jointly by the Office of the Provost and the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, meets monthly during the academic year. It is for faculty on the Ann Arbor campus. In September the session is 1½ days and is for newly appointed chairs and associate deans only. It focuses on information such as the University budget process, working with academic employee unions, and managing staff and colleagues. The remaining sessions include all chairs and associate deans and focus on concerns such as running department/college meetings, creating and implementing a vision for the department/school, and faculty hiring. Program and schedule information is sent to chairs and associate deans annually in the late summer.

Customized Discipline-Specific Workshops and Retreats

In collaboration with faculty steering committees, CRLT designs customized workshops and retreats to address an academic unit's specific teaching and learning needs. Departments can also apply for CRLT grants to fund the retreats and to implement plans to improve teaching and learning that develop from such events.

Assessment, Curriculum, & Learning Analytics Services

Whether you need to assess the effectiveness of an educational program or intervention, launch a process to design or enhance a curriculum, or prepare for accreditation or external review, CRLT offers services that can support your work. Our approach is centered on student learning, guided by your priorities and focused on action. These services can include approaches grounded in learning analytics, such as analysis of student institutional data, visualizations of student pathways through a curriculum, investigations of student performance on course-level assignments or usage of course-level resources. We use a fee-based approach for more intensive services, but are happy to work with you to develop an approach that can meet your budget and needs.

To connect with us about a potential project, submit a consultation request here.

Resources for Departmental GSI Training

CRLT has resources available to assist schools, colleges and departments as they develop or improve training programs to meet the needs of their GSIs. CRLT staff are available to discuss general issues of GSI training with GSI Coordinators, Graduate Student Mentors, or other departmental representatives. Such discussion can include how best to incorporate CRLT resources into a GSI training program.