Developing a Plan for Addressing GenAI in your Classroom this Fall

Session Format: Remote synchronous (Zoom)

Intended Audience: Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdocs

Facilitator(s): Anoff Nicholas Cobblah

Session Abstract: In this interactive remote workshop, participants will begin to develop their own plan for responding to Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in the Fall semester. Through reflection and small group discussions, participants will begin to draft/revise syllabus statements, reconsider assignment prompts, and reflect on how to talk to students about GenAI. Although approaches to these activities should be informed by school/college specific policies and practices, this session will offer insights on how to proactively and inclusively address the use of GenAI in your classroom.

GTC eligible? Yes, B2

Event Information
Graduate Students
U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate:
Requirement B2