Provost's Seminar on Teaching Winter 2017: "Teaching at the Bicentennial: Building the Evidence Base for Engaged Learning"

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University of Michigan Provost's Seminar on Teaching (PSOT) Winter 2015: "Transformed: Foundational Courses for a Third Century"
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As we celebrate the Bicentennial year, our University community is well positioned to reflect on our major investment in the Third Century Initiative. The projects funded by the Transforming Learning for a Third Century grant program have provided a robust array of settings and demonstrations of engaged learning in multiple forms. As we move forward, we want to continue to build on the foundation of these projects and document the ways that students learn and grow from these diverse experiences.

President Schlissel’s stated goal is to ensure that every U-M student has at least one high-impact engaged learning experience during their time at Michigan, guided by those in the U-M community who can help them refine their knowledge, develop key skills, and reflect meaningfully on their experiences. An essential part of the President’s goal is that students, faculty, and staff are able to tell the story of how and what students learn as a result of these experiences.


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