Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize Nomination Form

I. Information about the teaching innovation you wish to nominate

The Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize differs from Thurnau Professorships and other teaching prizes in that it honors original, specific INNOVATIONS to improve student learning, not instructor's overall teaching excellence. Briefly describe the teaching innovation:

1) What is the innovation? For example, what is new or original about the nominated activity, project, or approach?

2) How does this innovation affect student learning? For example, what are some of the most significant changes in learning that have resulted from the innovation?

3) What is the potential for widespread use? For example, do you see ways this innovation could be used in other courses or disciplines?

II. Information about the nominee(s)

For team innovations, please enter information in the "Additional Faculty" field below.

Additional Faculty Member (if needed for team projects)

Additional Faculty Member (if needed for team projects)

III. Information about the nominator (including self-nominator)

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