Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching Orientation: Fall 2023

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Graduate Student Instructor Teaching Orientation

Fall 2023 GSI Teaching Orientation (GSITO) will be offered as a Canvas course available to GSIs from August 8 through August 30. In addition to engaging with asynchronous modules, GSIs will have the opportunity to participate in online, synchronous practice teaching sessions offered from August 17 - 25 (exact times will be communicated to GSIs via email).

How GSIs Will Enroll in GSITO: 

  1. If you already have a GSI appointment, we will receive your name and contact information from your department and directly add you to the GSITO Canvas site, which will launch at noon on August 8. We will also email you with detailed instructions, including how to register for a Practice Teaching session.
  2. If you will not have a GSI appointment in Fall 2023, do not yet know whether you will have a GSI appointment, or you wish to participate in a portion of GSITO again: Please fill out this form.

The online Canvas course portion of  Fall 2023 GSITO will contain the following modules:

  • Module 1 - Welcome to Teaching at U-M
    • Welcome and Remarks from the Dean of Rackham 
    • GSI Role and Responsibilities, including policy information such as:
      • religious-academic conflicts 
      • prohibited instructor-student relationships 
      • grading, FERPA, and academic integrity
  • Module 2 - Act for Equity: A Presentation by the CRLT Players 
  • Module 3 - Teaching for Equity During the First Week and Beyond 
  • Module 4 - Mental Health and Well-being for GSIs and Students
  • Module 5 - Preparing for Practice Teaching*
  • Choose at least 2 of the following teaching topics:
    • Module 6 - Planning a Class Session 
    • Module 7 - Engaging Students in Face-to-Face and Online Classes
    • Module 8 - Teaching for Accessibility 
    • Module 9 - Technology for the First Days of Teaching
    • Module 10 - Facilitating Group Work to Maximize Learning 
    • Module 11 - Grading Assignments and Exams 
    • Module 12 - Graduate Employees' Organization (GEO) Resources

*In addition to these asynchronous Canvas modules, GSIs will have the opportunity to participate in an online synchronous practice teaching session. Please note that GSIs must complete Module 1-5 before participating in a practice teaching session.

If you have any questions about GSITO, please email us at


CRLT's GSI Teaching Orientation is designed to help new GSIs teaching on the Ann Arbor campus to prepare for their initial teaching experiences. It also has proven to be a valuable event for experienced GSIs and for graduate students who anticipate teaching in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions about GSITO


Fall 2023 GSI Teaching Orientation (GSITO) is an online Canvas course available beginning on August 8. In addition to engaging with asynchronous modules, GSIs will have the opportunity to participate in online, synchronous Practice Teaching sessions offered from August 17 - 25 (exact times will be communicated to GSIs via email). 


The Canvas course will be available starting August 8 at noon. You will receive an automated Canvas email when the orientation begins, notifying you of your enrollment in the CRLT GSI Teaching Orientation. You will need to accept your role as a student to access the Canvas Course.


CRLT provides university-wide GSI Teaching Orientations as a service to the campus community. You should check with the individual(s) who oversee GSI appointments in the department in which you will be teaching to find out whether participation in GSITO is required for your GSI appointment. 


CRLT does not determine whether GSITO is required for new GSIs, nor does it host a make-up event. Check with the individual(s) who oversee GSI appointments in your department to find out what its training requirements are. If there is no formalized policy regarding make-up events, CRLT is happy to consult with departments on establishing such a policy. GSI Coordinators can contact GSITO directors  ( to set up a time to discuss this issue. 


CRLT is committed to making our orientation as accessible as is possible. If you would benefit from accommodations to aid you in accessing the online orientation, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing


This webpage will be updated each semester with information about the upcoming orientation. Fall 2023 GSITO dates are August 8 through August 30, with Practice Teaching sessions offered from August 17 - 25.