Art Studio Design

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Art Studio Design

As with science lab spaces, the purpose of studio space and the subsequent instrumentation and space required will determine many key features of a studio’s design (Neelands, 2005).


  • Wheeled chalkboards with chalk, a chalk tray and an eraser, should be located in each studio.


  • Durable flooring, such as concrete, should be considered.


  • Raceway power strips and/or several power outlets should be located around room perimeter.


  • Stools and chairs should be lightweight, durable and not upholstered.


  • At least one sink should be in each studio.


  • Each studio should include secure and adequately sized storage areas for supplies and works in progress.  Space for each student is preferred.
  • Secure lockers, large enough for art supplies and work, for each student should be located near classrooms.


  • Tables for each room should be lightweight, wheeled and collapsible.

Tack Boards

  • Tack boards or other surfaces for showing work should be included in each studio on moveable easels. Similar surfaces should be considered for bare walls.


  • Location of ducts and hoods and their effect on air flow should be considered.


  • If windows are present, there should be appropriate coverings that allow for total blockage of exterior light sources.

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