Fall 2011 Provost’s Seminar on Teaching: Teaching with Collections

Teaching with Collections: Engaging Students in the Archives, Museums and Gardens of the University of Michigan

The Provost’s Seminars, which are held twice a year, promote lively and substantive dialogues about a wide range of teaching and learning issues that are relevant campus wide. This fall’s program will include presentations by faculty who have used collections in their teaching. For some, a collection has provided a central resource for the whole course. For others, an exhibit or collection has been the context for a short assignment that deepens student thinking about observation, evidence, materiality, context, or interpretation. The program will also include sessions by curators who will engage faculty participants with materials from their collections. As is always the case with these Seminars, faculty will have significant time to exchange ideas with one another. The goals are for participants to be better informed about the resources in UM collections and to come away with specific ideas that they can apply in their teaching.

  • Seminar Agenda (pdf)
  • University Record article
  • Please check back for a link to the CTools site for Seminar Participants (authentication through UM kerberos password required)
  • For more information on the UM Cultural Collections Council, contact Kati Bauer, Assistant Vice Provost, at kati@umich.edu .